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Vermont Public Bank, VT Credit Accounts, Coupon Systems.


When the public realizes that our current monetary is in fact a game of accounting with rules made up for the benefit of private persons who have behaved  unaccountably towards the planet and people of this Earth, then the plan to include a public monetary system that serves the needs of the public such that their productivity and  need for exchanges are served becomes understood as a civil right.


Even within the current private banking regime, would Vermont truly want it's money to be leveraged by a private Canadian bank to buy over 13 million shares in the environmentally devestating Tar Sand XL Pipeline?


Emily says no. we want our money to work for Vermont, not TD Bank North and the XL pipeline.

Perma-Farm Policy

Perhaps the most beneficial policy for Vermont is this one.  A person or family that resides on 2.5-3 acres and commits to cultivating the domain fully and sustainably will be granted that domain tax-free and in perpetuity.  At first blush this may appear as a give-away, but in fact it is the path to economic growth, food security, health, and societal stability.  Perma-Farm communities may be created for specific types of community members, and on parcels from dairy farms; in so doing aid those members of Vermont. With this freedom from debt and inspiration to connect with one's own permanent piece of earth for generations to come, we will begin the regrowth of proper relations with each other and our planet. Our health issues derived from industrialized food, will diminish in direct relation to the growth of numbers of perma-farms, our Vermont Brand will draw heaps of income as we will be able to provide cottage industry food and products to a yearning

new england market.  The 2.5- 3 acres is a standard critical minimal size for one family to live totally sustainably.

More policies:


Reform of Criminal Justice industry,

not jail but treatment for addiction,

reduction of prisoners,

increase of citizen mentorship (jobs).


Triple health freedom:

public health clinics, removal of tax dollars from private insurance

education of health providers

in exchange for service.

Detoxification of Vermont


Statewide Agricultural Hemp

Business plan,  put raw materials in hands of VT college students to recreate local demand for hemp farming.


Yes We Cannabis

          Legalization of marijuana , treated

similarly to alcohol. Medical Studies encouraged for disease

treatment .


          2 Years Service/Tuition Exchange

                       HS Apprenticieships.

                        Art, music and dance

integrated to impart basic fundamental

tools of language, math ans science.





Emily is a non smoker. There's more to cannabis than smoke.


Hemp Employs More People


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