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Emily Peyton For Vermont Governor 2014


This website hasn't a singular dedicated staff person.  It is managed by the candidate wearing one of many hats to keep the influence of donations out of this campaign. You can make suggestions for corrections, point out ommissions, etc.  Feel free to contact Peyton directly for in-depth discussion of your particular interests, or with suggestions for improvements.

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White Eagle

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Never underestimate the wisdom or strength of humble, determined, hardworking, persistent

and honest people.

These are the people of Vermont,

  Working together, we'll make the transformation.





    We pledge allegiance to the Earth,

and to the Beings with whom we share her.

       Our Earth, of the Universe,

   beautious beyond comprehension.

                              -emily 2012











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Emily in the Manchester Journal

Emily at Candidate Debate at VPR

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