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The Udder Guvna of Vermont


Wishing you the very most fun of times!

 f$#@ck udder party

A new plan is blooming, and it takes some bloomin'time! The plan involves doing things the udder way.  It involves laughter, and reaching  the comic streak in the common woman.  

I am contemplating an Udder Support group, open to women and men in drag, for the purpose of making fun of the current insanity. There will be room for arts and crafts and moosic and stand up comedy. Burlington, Montpelier, Brattleboro, Bennington.  Interested? 802 579 5524

The Udder Party

bringing together the feminine for collaberative anarchy. We accept no laws, only agreements, we accept no authority, only respect, we will be as nice as we can be, as long as you are. WE see that this evil cannot persist in the face of everluvin fun. There's more to come.