Emily Peyton the Udder Guvna of VT • PO Box 821 • Putney, VT 05346 • 802-579-5524




The Udder Party Canned 'n Dated

           Emily Peyton A.o.L.


Wishing you knew!

udder party



Stop Voting


Stop Paying


Stop Watching


Start Living


Start Contributing


Start Feeling


Start Seeing


With the Udder Party


where Love


IS, simple






your one and only rule.


In a No Bull way


All you got to do is question every action


for the love connection reaction.


If its right you'll feel it,


if its wrong you'll leave it.


Time to go the Udder Way.


Looking for Emily ? aah,

Seek 'er

and find'er

at comedy open mic

near you.