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Emily Peyton For Vermont Governor 2014

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White Eagle - Grassroots Leadership for Zero Waste

Never underestimate the power of small,

hardworking honest people.



    I pledge allegiance to the Earth,

and to the Beings with whom we share her.

       Our Earth, of the Universe,

   beautious beyond comprehension.

                              -emily 2012








It's Up To Us !

To make the impossible possible.



We want accountability!  Emily will deliver. Money out of politics, Emily will deliver.   All out for all green and all clean; Emily will deliver. People over corporations, Emily will deliver.

Free Your Inner Sovereign and join the transformation.

Aaah Hah!

Elect Emily for  the A                          A               A             H                        H                   A                  H                 ! of it all.

                                Accountability     Accesss    Activity  Health               Hemp         Actual           Happiness


A                     R                   G                   H                

Agravation, Regulation, Greed and Hopelessness

is what the others give you.


                          Come over to the rewarding one.

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